Coindreau Designs  honors the fact that all women are beautiful and deserve to have things that make them look and feel just that.  BEAUTIFUL.  
As a performer of over 20 years, I have worn every piece of costuming possible and experienced the very good and they very bad of all of them. Creating my own costume line was specially done to address the "very bad" costume experiences I have had ,and still have, in my time. So now dancers, performers, aerialist and all sorts of amazing artists come to me with what I call their "costume challenges" and it is quite simply my job to solve their problems beautifully.

More recently, a few years ago, a professional burlesque artist friend of mine issued me the boa challenge.  

"Make me a boa that is Vegan, Cruelty Free, Washable, No shed, Can Stuff in a suitcase, Can Color Match, Doesn't lose shape, I can re-fluff, Can handle my aggressive performance style, Something I can hold on to, and..... doesn't look cheap ." This one is a bit of a brat and loves her costumes to look flawless and exquisite. Absolute champagne taste and I love her for it.

My response to this challenge was Barely Boa.  The most luxurious line of vegan boas on the market priced in a place dancers can afford.  All pieces are hand made to the specifications of my demanding friend, and we went through about 15 mock ups before we found the perfect fit for the female hand and frame. There have been attempts to copy, but this patented design cannot be duplicated. Each boa takes between 4-7 days to produce.

Please enjoy browsing, shopping, and send me any questions you have about the pieces or if you would like to issue me a "costume challenge"... I love them!


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